it all started with a dream..

In helping build a powerful sound location destination in Southern Utah (ZION)  for Sacred Sound benefit Concert and Events that ripples LOVE Truth and Trust throughout the Globe. 

It is the creators wish, that every little step and contribution will eventually help humanity merge into the indescribable OCEAN OF LOVE.

Zion Matrix Creators & Vision holders


A everlasting giver of boundless love. Atonka moved in 2001 from the Swiss Alps to the Sacred Water in the Valley in Zion National Park Utah, to be with her beloved family, Jonathan and Massimo. Atonka believes everything should be done in a sacred manner, with sincerity, love and devotion, with a firm conviction that true living means virtually perfecting ones soul, ones spiritual existence in tune with life, people, animals, trees, water, rocks and the universe.

It is her dream, that we all come to awaken the sense of our own divinity, to bring the sacredness of being human, to our everyday experience. It is her dream, that we all feel inspired to awaken the living potential to expand awareness of who we are and where we are going, by actualizing and achieving collaborative real efforts that bring benefit toward Earth and ALL life forms that depend upon her wellbeing. ~

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Mandeep aka Melanie Paulk Abderrahman is a Visionary and Philanthropist working tirelessly for a Peaceful, Thriving, Global Community by creating an active local focus in the Southern Utah and Las Vegas communities.   Her focus and methodology is inspired and shared through “Being a Living, Breathing, Modern Yogi” and a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  She is also passionate about Music and Sound Vibrational Healing.  Her studio and home reflect this creativity and she openly shares her home studio, Sage Hills 108 located at the OM Ranch in Cedar City,  with anyone and everyone!  She is the co-producer with her dear sister - Atonka. Together they create a powerful “Feminine Force of Nature and Love”.  Love is the Answer is indeed her Mantra.  You may contact Mandeep - 435 867 YOGA (9642) and visit her website: