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4rd Annual Zion Matrix "A LIVE benefit Concert", featuring AJEET , supporting Dust Devil Ranch ( a sanctuary for horses )

Friday October 26th 7-9:30pm @ SageHills in Cedar City (doors open at 6pm)



Not only do we share a grand LOVE for horses, but we truly believe, without love there can be no freedom and without freedom there can be no love. When we are unbound from past and future we can find true LOVE in the World. It is our wish, to share a fragrance of this LOVE, together with YOU.

Every year we focus our support toward a cause that speaks to our hearts. This year we support Dust Devil Horse Rescue Ranch that is located in Cedar City Utah. A non profit organization that has established a place to provide a safe sanctuary for horses to heal physically and emotionally from deep traumas. Through the 4th Zion Matrix "LIVE benefit Concert" we combine gracefully human, nature and sound to awaken deep innate wisdom and harmony. Qualities that help us remember why we came to Earth. We are trilled to have Ajeet Kaur as our music artist. Ajeet's music quickly found its way around the World. She released four albums of sacred music, which have been celebrated as #1 on i/tunes world chart. Ajeet and her band of four amazing musicians will blend ancient mantra with a fresh unique contemporary style. You don't want to miss it!!


NEW Concert location! This year we changed the concert location to Sage Hills in Cedar City.  

This event is available  for max. 75 people. 

NEW!!!! Red Acre Farm is joining the efforts and offers a incredible Biodynamic - Farm Table Dinner at the event location. Make sure you reserve your dinner as well via ticket link.


Ticket for concert only: $45/person (concert starts at 7pm ) door opens at 6pm . 

Ticket for dinner only: $35/person (dinner starts at 5:30pm )

Ticket for concert & dinner: $80/person


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Who is "The Music Artist" 

Ajeet Kaur is a recording artist, yogi, and healer. A fresh new presence in the world of sacred chants. Ajeet’s music has quickly found its way around the world. She has released four albums of sacred music, which have been celebrated as #1 on the iTunes world chart, and Billboard Top 10 new age chart, featuring Snatam Kaur, Trevor Hall, Maneesh de Moor, and others. Ajeet now travels the world sharing music and self-healing practices in her workshops and concerts. Ajeet blends the healing power of ancient mantras with a fresh and unique contemporary style. We are so deeply blessed to have her presence here in Southern Utah. Ajeet's voice is heavenly. She will be playing with the full band. For more info on Ajeet's music, please visit:


Why we "Support Dust Devil Ranch"

Each year we support a local organization to help create awareness to some people that may not know that it even exists. Not only do we share a great grand love for horses, but the symbolic quality of the horse is so fitting for this 4th Zion Matrix Live Benefit Concert. A driving force that is not only present in the horse but truly drives our lives. The horse symbols for freedom for expression. When you look at the horses closely , you want to have the horse running wild and free in the wind.  But not every horse has this blessing in fact there is still so much cruelty, abuse and starving horses. Dust Devil Ranch gives a safe shelter, good food, and outstanding vet support and mostly the LOVE and attention each horse needs to heal physically, energetically to recover the spirit to become strong again. Each and every rescue horse at Dust Devil Ranch has a extraordinary story and journey. We hope you have a change to go visit. Nothing would be without the generous support of people like YOU. 



Who is "Dust Devil Horse Rescue Ranch"

The Dust Devil Ranch cares between 30 and 40 horses that come through animal control and other humane agencies from situations of abuse and neglect. 

It’s common for them to require 3–6 months of critical care from the time they arrive, and some may also have special requirements. On average, their vet bills run somewhere between $500–$1,500 per month. Other ongoing ordinary expenses include feed, supplies, shoeing and foot care and trainers.

A concerted effort between our horse rescue, its volunteers and the generous help from our veterinarians, trainers and farriers helps these horses recover their health, regain their spirit and become useful again in life.

The ultimate goal from Dust Devil Rach is to find permanent homes for every horse that arrives at the ranch, and typically, most of the horses are ready to go to approved adoption homes within a few months after their arrival. Those that are ‘unadoptable’ live out their lives on the ranch or go to foster homes.

For more details please visit:


OCTOBER 26TH,  7:00-9:30pm

( doors open at 6pm )